Foundation Ambassadors


The Schoerke Foundation is fortunate to have a team of ambassadors who help us spread the word about our mission and work, and to help fundraise to support our cause. Meet our ambassadors!

Francis has been to Ghana several times, first as a student and later as a trip leader himself.  He says, “I am a Schoerke Foundation Ambassador because I know that Heritage Academy works to promote innovative, high-quality education with core values that include integrity and equality, principles that I hold near and dear.” 




“I spent five years of my life after college working as an educator and a college counselor in Ghana. During that time I was able to donate over 1,000 books, soccer equipment, scholarships to the students of Heritage Academy. I am passionate about supporting educational opportunities for students in Ghana, and that is why I am proud to serve as a Schoerke Foundation Ambassador.”


Billy first went to Ghana for his Westtown School Senior Project, and returned a second time to do more volunteer work at Heritage Academy. Billy says, “I am an ambassador because I have seen first-hand the opportunities that Heritage Academy creates for its students. The impact of Heritage on its students can be seen not only through their smiles, but through their hard work and persistent struggle to succeed. “


After going to Ghana on her Westtown School Senior Project, Jordan traveled to Ghana several times to continue her work at Heritage Academy, and eventually lived in Ghana fora time. Jordan wants to be a Schoerke Foundation Ambassador “because  going to Heritage Academy truly changed my life. Seven years after my first visit to Ghana, I still feel the same deep love for the students and the mission of the Schoerke Foundation.”